be awesome online

create the perfect web-presence,
gather and profit from your
film's audience.

How it works

We believe filmmakers need to build an audience
starting right from development, irrespective of how the distribution plan unfolds.

To help with this Assemble solves the problem and pain of creating a website and other audience building tools. Whatever happens we support all direct-to-audience, hybrid, theatrical and traditional distribution models. And best of all it works across a slate of films creating an eco-system to share data, process and tools.


The perfect web-presence with a next-generation film website, facebook page and branded trailer that adapt perfectly from development through to distribution. Be up and running in minutes, then refine over time.

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Let potential fans sign up, demand or follow. Incentivise data collection through giveaways and perks. Identify key influencers, find partners and affiliates. Analyse and track demand, social media and ultimately convert from passerbys to fans to customers.

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List every way a fan can watch the film in their territory - be it festivals, showtimes, tv, on-demand or digital platforms . Sell film downloads, rentals, dvds, merchandise and screening fees direct or seamlessly through any platform from anywhere your audience wants to buy

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We help power the marketing and distribution of some the best films around,
winning awards from Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, SXSW as well as
Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations.

What does Assemble do?



Easily build an editable, custom website

Add key-art, extra content and sales information to your embeddable You Tube / Vimeo trailer widget

Build an enhanced Facebook Page

Run a blog, create a photo gallery, press kit and reviews page

Create a shopping cart system (with geo-blocking)


Collect email addresses from your website, Facebook page and embedded trailer

Integrate Kickstarter & IndieGoGo campaigns

Integrate social media tools with one click

Allow people to ‘demand’ the film

Use trailer widgets to drive traffic and interest from partners and media

Improve your search rankings


Sell DVDs, Merchandise and DRM-free downloads using our PayPal paywall system

Integrate any platform or distributor’s web-store

List every way of watching the film in a users territory, from festivals to VOD

List screenings automatically and allow people to invite and share with others

Sell screening licenses and run non-theatrical and community screenings

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