Connect your films
with your audience.

Link the point of discovery with the point of sale

Traditionally film websites have not always worked well for distributors. They are expensive to set up and require a lot of time and effort from the marketing team. Worse yet, they require a lot of maintenance to keep up-to-date. The cost involved means that often a film marketing team won’t even create a website for a title, relying instead on Facebook pages or more often - nothing at all.

However, there is still a need to link audiences with sales channels.

Facebook pages lock away your audience requiring you to pay to play and engagement is hard to sustain. We find that a stand alone website still performs better in search engine rankings, ensuring users are more likely to find the site. Often, the main point of discovery for users is the film trailer but there is no way to push users to sales channels, requiring the potential purchaser to simply remember the film and seek it out later.

Something more sophisticated is needed, a way to link the point of discovery with the point of sale.

The film website, reimagined

Introducing the missing link in converting paying audiences from point of discovery to point of sale.

The design is focussed on conversion, as users find the site through search, discover the film on social media or through the trailer they are quickly presented with options to watch, allowing users from any channel (search, trailer and social media) to progress to purchase right from the point of discovery.

We’ve designed our software so it’s easy to set up - typically a few minutes. The sites update automatically and require little maintenance.

Assemble is the missing link in converting from social and advertising to the point of purchase. Our tools enable you to maximise engagement with and revenue from multiple films, at different stages of release, all from one interface.

“Somehow, the Assemble platform has anticipated all the idiosyncratic needs and particularities of independent releases, and has the adaptiveness to always create a solution to whatever last minute issue inevitably arises."

Caroline McKenzie, Amazon Studios

Add our experts to your team

We understand that distribution teams are often overstretched. At Assemble, we’re here to help you succeed, so our platform is backed up with the sort of hands-on support you’d expect from another member of your own team. We can assist with design, implementation, mentoring, technical functions and platform support.

Our team works on hundreds of films every year and understands the subtleties of the industry, from genre films to impact documentaries, our clients include Golden Globe, Sundance, BAFTA and Academy Award winners.

“Assemble are a joy to work with. Once you collaborate with them, you’ll settle for no other."

Ted Hope, Amazon Studios

Making back end management easier

Avoid tedious manual data entry, we’ve automated as much of the heavy lifting as possible to save time and to create efficiency - showtimes are automatically added, along with VOD links in over 100 countries. Mailing lists are automatically separated by rightsholder, location etc.

Managing large numbers of films

Assemble works the same way across all your films. Metadata is managed simply using your existing spreadsheets and automatically linking systems like Vimeo, Go Watch It and TUGG.

It allows you to create a full website for your distribution company – including individual pages for each of your films - in one beautifully designed destination. You can also create a network of film websites focussed on conversion at the point of discovery. All your films and websites can talk to each other and share vital information, creating opportunities in efficiency and analytics.

Create a better web-presence for your films.