Your audience is out there,
let’s find them together.

We believe that successful filmmakers start growing their audience as early as possible.

We designed Assemble to be more than just a film website, it is the single hub to manage how you engage with your audience during development, production and release.

Our software allows you to manage:

multiple film websites
catalogue or portfolio websites
enhanced trailer embeds
social media promotion
showtimes & screenings
complex rights & territories
partners & distributors
VOD, commerce & merchandise
email campaigns

...all in one place. These features combine to make a powerful, audience building tool.

"Finally there is an easy to use, low cost website solution that provides all the necessary tools that filmmakers need throughout the filmmaking process”

Jon Reiss, Filmmaker

Your film’s needs go far beyond the capabilities of a standard website system like Wordpress or Squarespace.

Assemble’s workflow follows the film development/release lifecycle and we focus on the complex needs of a film’s release by providing audience building, rights management, commerce and extensive metadata features.

What makes
Assemble great?

Build an audience prior to release

Powerful film promotion tools

Geo-aware, making it easy to work internationally

Easy to build and manage

Simple template-driven layouts or fully custom design

Hands on support

Stay in control, own and activate your audience

Manage complex rights over multiple territories

Work easily with multiple distributors. Our software is geo-aware, allowing you to collaborate with partners and tailor your site according to your needs in different territories. Releasing on VOD in the USA while a distribution partner releases your film theatrically in the UK? Assemble gives you complete control, displaying screening times to your UK audience and VOD provider options to your American users all from the same website, trailer embed and social media accounts.

This functionality operates on a granular level and can apply to trailers, VOD links, showtimes, email lists, shop products and even artwork.

Add our experts to your team

At Assemble we understand that any filmmaking team is often overstretched. We’re here to help you succeed, so our platform is backed up with the sort of hands-on support you’d expect from another member of your own team. We can assist with design, implementation, mentoring, technical functions and platform support.

Our team works on hundreds of films every year and understands the subtleties of the industry, from genre films to impact documentaries, our clients include Golden Globe, Sundance, BAFTA and Academy Award winners.

"Assemble are a joy to work with, the pinnacle in user-friendly experience from every aspect. They take leading-edge design, time-tested technology, and assemble them with lovely customer-service to remove any pain or concern about how filmmakers can interact direct-to-fan. Once you collaborate with them, you’ll settle for no other."

Ted Hope, Amazon Studios

Assemble - the next-generation web-presence made just for indie films
Simple, powerful, and affordable: An all-in-one complete system.